At Love for Life, we also believe that parents and carers have a really important role to play in helping young people navigate their way through the tricky world of relationships and sex.

We are delighted to offer you two excellent programmes to engage adults in the ongoing conversation. These sessions can be hosted in a venue of your choice and offer a superb opportunity to involve adults in your work with young people.


Face to Facebook

Face to Facebook – a programme to help adults understand the online world and identify the potential risks for their young people. Throughout this interactive workshop, participants will identify keys to help them unlock a fresh understanding of technology and identify strategies to help them and their young people as they manage their online profiles.

Dealing with pertinent issues including cyberbullying, safe sharing and sexting. This programme will equip parents and carers with the knowledge and skills to protect their children and young people from online dangers.

The Birds and the Bees

This interactive workshop allows parent and cares to engage with important issues including media awareness and understanding the world of young people. Emphasis on risk and protective factors and putting good boundaries in place will be discussed. It also examines opportunities for further support for parents.

This seminar is a great opportunity to gather parents and carers together to explore some of the topics and ideas that can sometimes leave parents feeling embarrassed, ill-equipped and anxious. Research continues to suggest that parents are the greatest influence on young people so programmes like this are very important.