Love for Life is Northern Ireland’s premier and most established provider of Relationship and Sexuality Education. We fully support and embrace the Revised Curriculum, which aims to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

When you arrange your visit from Love for Life, you can expect a full package including pre and post lesson plans and resources, guidance on pastoral and curriculum issues, a personalised service which meets the needs of your specific students, the option to include a parents evening and the support of committed and well trained staff, who will partner with you to ensure that your school benefits fully from the Love for Life experience.

Love for Life offers five different age-appropriate, informative and value-rich programmes for primary and post primary schools, each one seeking to support the young person in their personal development.

For more information on the individual programmes and to see how our resources complement the requirements of the Revised Curriculum, please request our programme booklets for primary and post-primary school.