Post Primary

Over 30 000 pupils in schools across Northern Ireland receive a Love for Life programme every year. As a key component of curriculum, we believe that Relationships and Sexuality Education should be delivered with excellence. Love for Life is currently offering EVERY post-primary school across Northern Ireland a FREE presentation.



Inside Out is our exciting programme for pupils who are in the early stages of their post primary education. We encourage pupils to investigate the structure and function of the human body and its amazing capabilities before looking at some of the pressures of growing up. Pupils will identify and examine various influences on their lives and think carefully about how these can bring them closer to their identified goals and targets.

Icebergs & Babies

At Love for Life we recognise that young people today face tremendous pressure from many places and often find themselves confused about who they should be listening to. Icebergs & Babies is our presentation aimed at 14/15 year old pupils and begins by looking at the types and sources of pressure that young people face on a daily basis.  A recent survey stated that young people are exposed to approximately 90 000 images of sex from the media between the ages of 8 and 18 so we take some time to look at how the media uses sex to sell us products and keep our attention as viewers.  The emotional aspect of relationships, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are key aspects of this programme.

Dating & Mating

As the sequel to Icebergs and Babies, this programme engages pupils in a discussion about healthy dating relationships, challenging a casual attitude and encouraging young people to examine their own expectations and worth. These important issues are addressed with care and with the realisation that young people today face difficult choices in relationships. Our professional team of programme delivery staff seek at all times to encourage and empower young people to respect themselves and each other.

Sex Drive

This exciting presentation allows post-16 pupils to develop skills and competencies related to decision making on the important issues of relationships and sex. Using a mixture of whole group presentations and smaller workshop activities, pupils address crucial ideas about how to make healthy choices as they prepare for life after school. This programme is aimed at young adults who are preparing for university or employment and may be moving away from home for the first time, socialising in new environments or meeting new challenges.

Access All Areas

We are delighted to offer a range of programmes that are specifically designed for children and young people with intellectual disability, whether they find themselves in a MLD or SLD setting, or in a specialised unit within mainstream education.

All young people share the same hopes, dreams, worries and uncertainties as they prepare for puberty, adolescence and beyond. The transitions between life’s stages are difficult to navigate for any young person, but for someone who also has to deal with a learning difficulty, the journey can be particularly unsettling. The Access All Areas programmes offer support to young people along this journey, and form part of our vision that every child or young person should be able to access excellent Relationships and Sexuality Education.