Love for Life is firmly committed to working in partnershp with teachers and school leaders to encourage pupils in Key Stage 2 to build foundations in developing a healthy respect for themselves, understanding the complex world of relationships and being prepared for the physical changes that puberty will present.



I:smart is an exciting and interactive programme from Love for Life which aims to equip Key Stage 2 pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage a healthy online life. With unprecedented access to the online world and round the clock access to the internet, our pupils are under enormous pressure. This workshop will help them develop an understanding of the issues that they face and develop strategies to overcome difficulties that they encounter. Specific sections on safe usage, appropriate language, gaming and cyberbullying are very beneficial and offer pupils the opportunity to explore and understand the internet.

What's Inside?

WHAT’S INSIDE? is our presentation designed for pupils who are in the final stage of their primary education. This interactive programme aims to equip pupils in P7 to deal with the changes that so often cause concern and anxiety at their age. We remind pupils that they are all unique by looking at the process of conception, the amazing construction of our bodies and the continuing process of growing up. The gender-specific puberty talk is often the most reassuring part of the day for pupils who are worried about changes in their bodies. Target setting, friendship and assertive behaviour skills are also addressed in the presentation.