Governance & Policies

Love For Life is a Company Limited by Guarantee (NI043026) and is registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (NIC102325).


Board of Directors

Love For Life has an elected Board of Trustees with responsibility to ensure that Love For Life operates to professional standards within the law and achieves its charitable objectives.

Managing the Charity’s Activities

The Board of Directors have appointed a Chief Executive Officer to take responsibility for the leadership and management of the organisation.

Love For Life works to a three to five-year strategic plan led by the CEO and implemented by the Senior Leadership Team with oversight from the Board of Directors.

Love For Life has a full complement of Company Policies which are reviewed annually and are updated in line with; our legal obligations, latest guidance and best practise as appropriate.


Accounts are externally audited on an annual basis and copies are available on the Charity Commission (NI) website.  We annually produce income and expenditure budgets that are managed day-to-day by the appropriate members of staff and overseen by the CEO and Treasurer, with oversight from the Board of Directors.


Love For Life holds no contracts with the Department of Education, or the Education Authority to support schools in their delivery of RSE.

Love For Life charges a booking fee and cost per-pupil for post-primary programmes.  Primary school programmes are charged per delivery.  Recognising that school budgets are already stretched, and not wanting finance to be an obstacle, in 2015 we made the decision to offer the most popular post-primary programme, Icebergs & Babies free of charge.

Donations, Charitable Trusts and Grants

The work of Love For Life is supported through generous donations from our Supporters (individuals, groups/organisations, churches) and Charitable Trusts and Grants.

TNL Dormant Account Fund

Love For Life was awarded funding through the Dormant Account Fund in 2021. The money we recieve(d) goes towards improving our long-term capacity, sustainability and resilience to best deliver our mission.


Privacy Notice

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Safeguarding Policy

It is the policy of Love For Life to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from all forms of abuse including physical, emotional and sexual harm.

Love For Life is committed to creating a safe environment in which young people can feel comfortable and secure while engaged in any of Love For Life’s programmes, training events or workshops.

Our Safeguarding Policy is available upon request and contains all relevant procedures and contact details.

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