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A foundation for 11-13 year olds at the start of post-primary education for pupils to be affirmed in their self-worth and equipped to thrive through the changes and challenges that adolescence brings.

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1 Hour 45 Minutes

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Programme Info

iZone is an interactive and media-rich presentation designed for pupils in the early years of post-primary education. It allows pupils to consider issues such as: the value and uniqueness of every individual, managing change, growing up, identifying influences, target setting, handling conflict and pressure, valuing friendship and working towards healthy relationships.

Storyline Context

In each programme we create a storyline to help us share our information effectively throughout the Key Stages. This creates an opportunity for the pupils to consider the information objectively. There are a number of characters in our story, but Oscar and Martha are the hero characters, featuring throughout all the programmes, growing up with the pupils through their school years.

iZONE | Setting the scene

iZone follows Oscar and Martha as they begin secondary school and are faced with lots of new and different issues. They begin to navigate how to deal with lots of themes like puberty, social media, family, bullying and pressure. Along the way Oscar and Martha have a fallout due to comments made online, but after a family issue in Oscar’s home, he confides in his friend Martha and they make up. As they make up, they become closer than ever and rumours run wild throughout their year that they are ‘in love’. Do these two have to become a couple or can they just stay friends?

Topics covered in this presentation:

  • Self-esteem & uniqueness
  • Managing changes
  • Staying healthy and happy during puberty
  • Identifying influences and dealing with pressure
  • Positive relationships and conflict resolution
  • Healthy online behaviour and interactions
  • Target setting
  • Love & romantic relationships


Programme Content

A comprehensive overview of the content delivered in the programme.

iZone 23-24


In Depth

Learning Intentions

Pupils are learning about:

  • The influences on a young person
  • The different ways to develop self-esteem
  • How to manage the effects of change on body, mind and behaviour
  • The qualities of relationships, including friendship
  • How to develop strategies to deal with challenging relationship scenarios
  • Explore the implications of sexual maturation

Skills & Capabilities

  • Thinking, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making
  • Working with Others
  • Self-Management

Learning Experiences

  • Media-rich
  • Enquiry Based
  • Ongoing Reflection
  • Relevant and Enjoyable

Attitudes & Disposition

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Concern for Others
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Moral Courage

Our Approach

Love For Life has a long-standing reputation for engaging effectively in the specific area of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE). Read about the broad principles and commitments that guide Love for Life’s development and delivery of high-quality, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive RSE.

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