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Sex Drive


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Designed for post-16s / school leavers, this session offers a comprehensive and mature approach to relationships and sex, tackling key sexual health issues and facilitating discussion around choices and values.

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Sex Drive

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1 Hour 45 Minutes

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Programme Info

This presentation is aimed at post-16/school leavers and gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on their current and future choices around relationships. It is aimed at preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of life beyond the school classroom by equipping them with appropriate knowledge, skills and values to build strong and committed relationships into the future. The programme covers issues such as: healthy and unhealthy relationships, managing relationship challenges, consent, coercive control, pregnancy and choices, STIs, contraception, and future hopes and aspirations.

Storyline Context

In each programme we create a storyline to help us share our information effectively throughout the Key Stages. This creates an opportunity for the pupils to consider the information objectively. There are a number of characters in our story, but Oscar and Martha are the hero characters, featuring throughout all the programmes, growing up with the pupils through their school years.

Sex Drive | Setting the scene

As Oscar and Martha prepare to learn how to drive and leave school, Sex Drive follows these two characters as we conclude their storyline! Oscar and Martha thought that they had recovered from the tension that arose in their past, yet that is not the case. As ‘university’ comes up, both of our characters make different decisions, ultimately leading to a break up for our couple. As they break up, we catch up with their friends as they find themselves facing various challeneges. From dating apps, to the topic of consent right to the importance of asking questions with regards to expectations and boundaries. In the conclusion of this programme, Oscar and Martha see each other at a party, go on a romantic drive one final time, and well, the story is for our young people to conclude!

Topics covered in this presentation:

  • Self-awareness and understanding difference
  • Relationship skills
  • Communication in relationships
  • Sexting
  • Pornography
  • Consent
  • Pregnancy, STIs, contraception
  • Pregnancy pathways
  • Sex and alcohol
  • Preparing for independence


Programme Content

A comprehensive overview of the content delivered in the programme.

Sex Drive 23-24

Sex Drive

In Depth

Learning Intentions

Pupils are learning about:

  • Exploring and expressing a sense of self
  • The importance of developing a moral framework
  • The emotional, social and moral implications of early sexual activity
  • How to develop strategies to deal with challenging relationship scenarios
  • Exploring the implications of sexual maturation
  • Exploring the emotional, social and moral implications of early sexual activity
  • Exploring the qualities of a loving, respectful relationship

Skills & Capabilities

  • Personal Development
  • Healthy Living
  • Citizenship

Learning Experiences

  • Supportive Learning Environment
  • Active Enquiry-Based Learning
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Attitudes & Disposition

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Concern for Others
  • Commitment
  • Tolerance
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Moral Courage

Our Approach

Love For Life has a long-standing reputation for engaging effectively in the specific area of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE). Read about the broad principles and commitments that guide Love for Life’s development and delivery of high-quality, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive RSE.

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