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A comprehensive and interactive workshop, preparing 10-11 year olds for both the physical and emotional changes of puberty, exploring the changes associated with the transition to post-primary school, as well as recognising the importance of building healthy relationships.

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What’s Inside?

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Programme Info

“What’s Inside?” is our presentation designed for pupils who are in the final stage of their primary education. This interactive programme aims to equip pupils in P7 to deal with the changes that so often cause concern and anxiety at their age. We remind pupils that they are all unique by looking at the process of conception, the amazing construction of our bodies and the continuing process of growing up. The gender-specific puberty talk is often the most reassuring part of the day for pupils who are worried about changes in their bodies. Target setting, friendship, and assertive behaviour skills are also addressed in the presentation.

Storyline Context

In each programme we create a storyline to help us share our information effectively throughout the Key Stages. This creates an opportunity for the pupils to consider the information objectively. There are a number of characters in our story, but Oscar and Martha are the hero characters. They feature throughout all the programmes, growing up with the pupils through their school years.

What’s Inside | Setting the scene

In “What’s Inside?”, we join our characters as they go on their much-anticipated P7 school trip! The bags are packed and ready to go. The only question is, to where?

We’ll journey with our characters as they plan the school trip, taking time to think through our own strengths and skills. We will see, just like all the luggage bags are different and unique, so are we and our incredible, amazing bodies.

The characters will face the usual school trip dilemmas. Should they stay up late chatting and what are the consequences if they do? We’ll use this to show how our choices have consequences for the future.

The next morning, in the washrooms, our characters discuss the rumours they’ve heard about the word ‘puberty’. We’ll explore an introduction to puberty in an interactive, gender-specific session, before coming back together to look at the importance of friendship, being a good friend and our support networks.

P7 Puberty Session Information

In the P7 “What’s Inside?” programme, the gender-specific puberty talk explores an introduction to the changes biological males and females, both physical and emotional, go through during puberty. While the sessions are specific to male and female, there are consistent topics e.g. hair growth, changes to the shape and size of the various body parts and hygiene skills. The female session provides age-appropriate information about periods and how to mange them, a theme which is also covered in appropriate detail in the male session.

The rationale for splitting the sexes is to maximise the comfort and security that the children feel. We want to create an environment in which there is as little fear or embarrassment as possible, as well as creating a safe space where questions can be asked and answered with clarity and compassion. In particular, we want to be able to give the girls information about their periods that instils confidence in them as they prepare for the changes ahead.

It is not about secrecy but sensitivity, recognising that the biological differences will be explained more fully in Yr 8 science, and parents, carers or trusted adults are encouraged to fill in on any gaps in information that they feel is appropriate for their child regarding their body and that of the opposite sex.

Topics covered in this presentation:

  • Self-esteem & uniqueness
  • Conception and pregnancy
  • The rollercoaster of growing up
  • Coping with change
  • Puberty: physical and emotional changes
  • Assertiveness under pressure
  • Target setting
  • Healthy relationships
  • How to get help (helping them identify their trusted adults, from whom they can seek help)


Programme Content

A comprehensive overview of the content delivered in the programme.

What's Inside 23-24


What’s Inside?

In Depth

Learning Intentions

Pupils are learning about:

  • Their uniqueness, value and worth
  • Conception and the journey of pregnancy
  • The ups and downs of life and how to manage these
  • The qualities of a good friendship
  • Strategies to deal with peer pressure
  • The physical and emotional changes during puberty
  • Who they can go to for help

Skills & Capabilities

  • Thinking, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making
  • Working with Others
  • Self-Management

Learning Experiences

  • Media-rich
  • Active and Hands On
  • Enquiry Based
  • Ongoing Reflection
  • Relevant and Enjoyable

Attitudes & Disposition

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Concern for Others
  • Respect

Our Approach

Love For Life has a long-standing reputation for engaging effectively in the specific area of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE). Read about the broad principles and commitments that guide Love for Life’s development and delivery of high-quality, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive RSE.

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